The Chinese Canadian Dental Society of British Columbia is joining the information age as it is firmly entrenched in our society now. It is our desire to provide our members with timely information and updates on our activities. We hope to provide value to your membership in terms of negotiating benefits on your behalf with major manufacturers and established companies. The CCDSBC is also using the data provided by you on your application to form the database for our referral service which is available to the general public.

Developing and maintaining a website is no easy task for a bunch of computer neophytes. Your board of directors, and especially the Website Committee has worked very hard in bringing this project to reality. We would like to tap into our membership for feedback and expertise on how to improve our site. Obviously, financial backing is required to keep this site at the edge of technological change. We hope you will visit and patronize our future sponsors, as they are the bloodline to our survival.

For now we are launching this site in English only, but we hope to have a Chinese site up in the future. The information will be frequently updated. It is our vision to expand nationally and internationally and form a network with other similar organizations around the world.