CE#4 Apr 22, 2015 (Wednesday)

Topic: “What You Need to know about Digital Impressions”

This lecture is sponsored by HENRY SCHEIN.

Speaker: Dr. Jonathan A. Ng

Synopsis: Dental impressions are utilized and seen in almost every corner of dentistry. As the crucial first step of any record making process, the impression must be accurate and effective in being a true replica of an original. Since the first hydrocolloid impression in 1937, the principles of this record making process have remained largely unchanged, until now. The recent resurgence of digital impressions is revolutionary, but because of the multitude of choices and options, the technology has led to more confusion then conversion. This session aims to address some of the misunderstandings that has clouded this technology and bring clarity to the topic by evaluating some the current evidence that exists regarding accuracy, efficiency and reliability. The use of this technology will not only increase efficiency and productivity in the general practice today, but will dramatically improve outcomes that will benefit both the clinician and the patient. As this emerging technology continues to develop, along with the marked increase in digitization of the various aspects of dentistry, knowledge of this topic is not only important, but is a necessity.


  • Overview of conventional vs. digital dentistry
  • Pitfalls and difficulties with conventional impressions
  • Advantages and disadvantages of digital impressions
  • Comparison of some available systems
  • Evaluation of the current evidence

The Clinician:Dr. Jonathan A. Ng,BMedSc, DDS, MSc, Dip. Pros., FRCD(C) is a Certified Specialist in Prosthodontics. He earned his Bachelor of Medical Sciences and Doctor of Dental Surgery degrees at the University of Alberta. Following completion of a general practice residency, he continued at the University of Alberta Hospital as a staff dentist treating medically compromised patients in a clinical and operating room setting. He also managed a rural practice in Elk Point, Alberta. Dr. Ng is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor at the UBC Department of Dentistry where he received his Diploma in Prosthodontics and Masters of Science degree. He is also on staff as a clinical Prosthodontist at the BC Cancer Agency in both Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, delivering multifaceted prosthodontic care to medically complex patients. Dr. Ng has been involved in international aid missions with a strong desire to help those in underdeveloped countries. When not practicing dentistry, he enjoys photography, playing the guitar and snowboarding. Dr. Ng’s private practice is with Dr. Chris Wyatt at their office on West Broadway in Vancouver, Canada. He focuses his private practice on complex prosthodontics, which includes the surgical placement and restoration of dental implants. He also has a significant interest in the area of digital dentistry such as digital impressions and the digital workflow.